Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mandakini Famous Nipple View Scene

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  1. Mummy! Mandakini my mummy! I suck your breast milk. Mummy, I lick your heels, feet, legs, thighs, waist, belly, armpits, navel and underwear. Mummy, I suck your thighs, belly, navel, breast, vagina and asshole. Mummy, I suck your breast milk, urine, vaginal juice, farts, and the shit in your asshole. Mummy, I fuck you hard in your vagina and asshole while sucking your sweet milk from your sweet and white milky breasts and you moan and scream in pleasure. When you come, you shoot your squirt all over my face and in my mouth, mummy. Mummy, I worship you and will just come in you with full force. I live in your asshole, mummy.


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